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SmartMedicalDevice Co., Ltd. is a corporation that provides a new concept of smart medical appliances produced by the amalgamation of modern medical science and IT technology.

Through the development of smart phones and wireless internet, health care services, such as teleconsulting, have revitalize and a variety of innovative medical appliances combined to smart phones are constantly being produced.

Many businesses in the same industry also tend to develop existing medical devices in a way that will help people check their own physical conditions or get simple prescriptions. Smart Medical Device, which leads others in such market needs, is ready to make forays into larger markets worldwide.

Smart Medical Device will endeavor to pioneer a new medical market through the amalgamation of smart device and medical services. It will provide handy medical checkup Apps and smart medical devices to household and hospital to promote a pleasant and healthy life for humanity.

Product Development

manufactures smart medical devices by combining modern medical science with information technology



Received the Gold Prize at International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2014

2015 Invention & New Product Exposition, Special Award

iF Design Award 2017


International Certification

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