This product is a medical device, please use carefully read how to use and use the company notes.

What is Dr.MUSIC 3?

Dr.MUSIC 3 works as a massage therapist synced with music of your choice that stimulates nerves and muscles in the best of the music. The electrical stimulation passes through your skin reaching the region of pain in your body to relieve the pain.


It’s smart accessory in white, simple design with a neat look.


It’s synced with music giving a variety of pulse in stimulation following the bests in the music.


It’s wireless feature allows you to move around freely white using it.


It’s small in size with gentle stimulation.


It’s slim and small size makes it more portable and easy to carry around.


The basic control is possible without an APP but you can use it wirelessly through an APP that is available both on iOS and Android..

Product Contents

Electric Power Consumption

  • Battery Type : Lithium polymer

Operating Condition

  • Air pressure : 700hPa ~ 1060hPa
  • Relative humidity : 15% ~ 93%
  • Temperature Range : -10°C ~ +50°C

Size and Weight

  • Weight : 54.5g
  • Size(L x W x Hmm) : 56 x 56 x 12.8

Pulse Output Variable

  • Frequency Range : 1 – 100Hz
  • Max Current Output : 45mA[RMS]
  • Max Output Voltage : ±38Vpeak[35Level]
  • Pulse Width : 50㎲ ~ 150㎲

Operating Time

  • Device Separately : 15mins
  • With Mobile APP : 1 ~ 30mins


  • iPhone®Compatibility : iOS 7 or higher
  • Android Compatibility : 4.3 or higher

Main body

Name Function
Power/Mode button Power ON/OFF, Change of Operating Mode
Mode/Status indicator  Display mode and level, Battery status
– Mode/Level/Output : Orange LED
– Battery: Blue LED
Intensity Button  Control of the level
Battery Indicator  Indicated the Status of the battery charging.
(Charging: Orange LED, Fully Charged: Green LED)
Micro-USB socket  Socket for the battery charging
Detachable Connector  Connector for the cable of Micro USB adaptor
Electrode connector  Connected output socket with electrode for Low frequency stimulus.


(1) Electrodes for low-frequency stimulation: Transferring low-frequency output to the body by attaching to skin.
(2) Mobile APP: Used by installing at the mobile platform, sets and controls the device.

Cautions on user’s age, sex, or health conditions considering the characteristics of the device

– The following individuals should not use the product :

1) Individuals with heart diseases and heart lesions
2) Individuals with life-support medical instruments such as artificial heart and lung machine
3) Individuals with weak body and mind
4) Individuals with abnormal blood pressure
5) Individuals with high fever
6) Individuals using high-frequency surgical medical device
7) Individuals with phlebothrombosis who see their doctors
8) Individuals (women) with heavy menstrual flow
9) Individuals (women) with IUD (such as coils or rings) inserted within a month
10) Individuals who are deemed inappropriate by doctors

– The following individuals should exercise caution in using the product and consult with a physician :

1) Individuals with acute disorders
2) Individuals with malignant tumors
3) Individuals with high fever
4) Individuals with abnormal skin condition on the application site
5) Individuals with current history of surgery
6) Individuals being administered insulin for diabetes
7) Individuals with history of adverse side effects such as inflammation, skin lesion, or hypersensitivity
8) Individuals with muscle or joint problems
9) Individuals (women) who gave birth 6 weeks earlier
10) Individuals (women) who underwent cesarean operation 3 months earlier
11) Individuals who intend to use the device as part of rehabilitation therapy
12) Individuals under medical treatment by the physician
13) Individuals with serious diseases or injuries other than those mentioned above