TENS Unit ‘Dr.MUSIC 3’ of SmartMedicalDevice Co., Ltd, won the ‘iF Design Award 2017’ in Germany, one of the top three design awards in the world.

iF Design Award is a competition held by IFD (International Forum Design), a consulting firm in Germany. It is a public design contest featuring 60 years of tradition.

Dr. MUSIC 3, a personal low-frequency stimulator that won the design award in the field of medicine / healthcare, is a wireless low-frequency stimulator that is connected to a smartphone by Bluetooth. It is controlled by a mobile APP. A low-frequency stimulator that produces a real-time low-frequency waveform by a bit of music.

With simple and sensible design of circular shape, that is easy to catch in one hand, anyone can use it easily. tapping mode and massaging mode are available on the device itself and with the mobile App, it can be used in varity ways. It is Suitable for people with active life to use it conveniently anywhere, anytime and anyplace.

I believe that the concept and unique design of SmartMedicalDevice Co., Ltd. has proved once again with this award following the Gold prize at Good Design Award (GD) and special prize at It Award in Korea.