Please tell us about the driving forces of growth and provide a company introduction.

Established in August 2011, the company is now in its sixth year. As our life changed due to the development of smartphones and related products, our skilled medical staff s and IT engineers came together to provide new concepts in fitness equipment.

Our company pioneers new markets through the fusion of smart devices and medical devices, and supplies smart health devices that can be easily used at home and hospitals to help people live happier and healthier lives.

What is your company’s main product?

Dr. MUSIC 3 is a personal smart low-frequency stimulator. In addition to the same waveforms in tapping and kneading modes, it also stimulates the nerves and muscles through the various pulses that are generated in the music sync mode. The pain will be relieved when electrical stimulation is applied to the painful areas through the skin or to the muscle areas.




Personal Low-frequency Stimulator