Project Description

SmartMedicalDevice (President Chan-Gon Moon, presented Dr. Music, a personal low-frequency stimulator, utilizing music, at CES 2015, which runs Jan. 6-9 in Las Vegas.

Unlike the existing low-frequency stimulators in the market that repeat the same frequency waves, Dr. Music uses beats from the music real-time to produce low-frequency waves which the muscle contracts to, creating natural rhythm.

It relaxes tight muscles and helps alleviate pain in a person’s neck, shoulders, and muscles due to long hours of work or strenuous exercise. Unlike other low-frequency stimulators in the market, the massage program follows the rhythm of the music, thus adding more fun to the massage. It massages in three modes: music sync, beating, and kneading.

Dr. Music weighs only 30g and is small enough to be palm-held, making it very portable. It can be used on shoulder, abdomen, or arm at home or work. This massage device can also be used for reducing user’s abdomen or thigh size.

President Chan-Gon Moon stated, “Other low-frequency stimulators can build tolerance due to their repetitive stimulations, but our product is fun to use because the waves change according to the music being played, thus adding variety and fun. As this product is the first of its kind, we are getting calls from Europe requesting to supply this product.”

Dr. Music was awarded a gold medal in 2014 from the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva with this product. Smart Medical Device is making its entry with the convergence of the modern medicine and IT and currently supplying its smart medical devices.

From : AVING