Project Description

Smart Medical Device (CEO Moon Chan-gon, will participate in Global Mobile Vision 2014 at Kintex, Ilsan to present Dr. Music, its personal low frequency stimulator.
“Dr. Music” is a general low frequency stimulator that eases muscle pains or repetitive strain injuries of the wrists caused by excessive use of the mouse. While existing low frequency stimulators repeat the same waveform, Dr. Music uses bits extracted from real-time music to generate low frequency waveforms that relax the muscles.
As the pattern does not repeat itself but changes along with the music, the muscles receive different degrees of stimulation, resulting in minimum tolerance for the maximum effect.
Also, Dr. Music can be connected to an MP3 player, laptop, radio or smart pad as well as a smart phone, and features a compact design for greater portability.
Dr. Music can be used as a general low frequency stimulator in the beating and massaging mode, without having to connect it to a music player.

From : AVING