Project Description

Smart Medical Device (Moon Chan-gon, participated in the 4th Korea IT Accessory & Smart Device Show 2014 (KITAS 2014) held at COEX to present Dr. Music, its innovative personal low frequency stimulator.Dr. Music delivers low frequency stimulation to ease and relax muscle soreness and stiffness caused by long periods of work or intensive exercise.
It is very portable and can be attached to your shoulder, stomach or arm to not only treat muscle pain but also to burn fat on the belly or thighs whether you are at home, the workplace or anywhere else. It is equipped with three modes (music sync, beating, massage modes) including the music sync mode, which delivers stimulation synchronized to the beat. As the pattern does not repeat itself but changes along with the music, the muscle receives different stimulations, resulting in minimum tolerance for the maximum effect.
The Dr. Music app features a user’s manual, music samples and the latest song list that can be used in the music sync mode.