Project Description

At the Korea Electronics Show 2014 held at Kintex, Ilsan, Smart Medical Device Co., Ltd will provide a practical demonstration of Dr. Music, its personal low frequency stimulator.
Since its launch in 1969 at Deoksu Palace, the KES, which marks its 44th anniversary this year, has played a critical role in leading Korea to the global no. 4 position in the electronics industry. From vacuum tube radios to cassette players, color TVs, semiconductors and mobile phones, the KES has served as the gateway for Korea’s electronics industry, which accounts for over 1/3 of Korea’s exports, and witnessed 52-year history of the electronics industry in Korea.
During this year’s show we will hold a group demonstration of Dr. Music, a personal low frequency stimulator. In the 1st session, we will use fusion classic, ballad, drum and other music genres that appeal to the younger generations. In the 2nd session, the demonstration will consist of a trot medley, ballads, movie music and other types of music chosen with the older generations in mind. Finally, the 3rd session will present a lively video of war movie, game scene and B-boying to enable visitors/buyers to experience the low frequency effects of Dr. Music. The demonstrations will be held at 14:30 ~ 15:30, Thursday, Oct., 16; and 13:30 ~ 14:30, Friday, Oct., 17.