‘Pittsburgh Invention & New Product Exposition’ from USA is one of the top three invention expositions along with ‘Germany International Invention Exhibition’ and ‘Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions,’ and is a huge exhibition that displays exhibitions from about 28 countries. This is a place where we promote the excellence of domestic inventions to foreign markets and prepare the bridge for market pioneering through recognition for such excellence. It contributes to national industrial development through securement of export base and increase in export and strengthening of international cooperation by solidifying the bond with invention and patent-related groups of participating countries. In this exhibition, ‘Dr.MUSIC’ was awarded with the Special Award.

We believe that the excellence and the creativity of the product was acknowledged globally through the second-time award in the international invention exhibition, after the Gold Award in ‘2014 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions.’ This will be an opportunity where ‘Dr.MUSIC’ will take a further step to the global marketplace.