Development of Low-frequency Stimulator

Smart Medical Device provides advanced medical services using smart phone-linked web accessories, the most notable of which is the low-frequency stimulator Dr. Music, which functions to the tune of music provided by a smart phone. In developing it, Mr. Moon made convenience of use the priority. He also came up with the idea of using music. Beat rhythms of music are used to give stimulus to the body muscles. Nonetheless, one thing that differentiates it from existing low-frequency stimulators in the market is its interesting way of functioning, a product of Mr. Moon’s scintillating ideas.

Compared to South Korea, people in other countries welcome the newly developed medical web accessories with advanced technological prowess. Upon spotting the new devices made by Smart Medical Device at expos, foreign businesses vie with each other to sign supply contracts with it. Smart Medical Device won the Gold Prize at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva in 2014, showing off its technological superiority worldwide. “We are happy that our efforts to produce devices that can help people live more conveniently were recognized,” Mr. Moon said with regard to said event.
Currently, it is in the process of acquiring Class II Medical Devices certification under the relevant criteria adopted in the Unites States, Japan, and EU countries.


A Business Playing a Leading Role in the IT-based Industry, with Limitless Potential

Many businesses in the same industry also tend to develop existing medical devices in a way that will help people check their own physical conditions or get simple prescriptions. Smart Medical Device, which leads others in such market needs, is ready to make forays into larger markets worldwide.

The Company is making preparations for the development and production of new equipment such as an auriscope or a device used to check vital signs, in addition to Dr. Music. It has also made its presence felt among smart phone users worldwide with the development of app using tongue diagnosis. The app recommends tea made from materials of traditional Korean medicine suited to people of specific physical conditions and links people to websites where purchases can be made.

Smart Medical Device was established as a business combining medical staff with good ideas and IT engineers. According to its president, Moon Changon, he wanted to help people live a healthy, happy life with the help of IT. It is making preparations to play a leading role in markets worldwide with its own technology under the government’s banner of Creative Economy. Since it has already had a good head start, it will undoubtedly make strides in the IT industry.

From : Newstoday